These works are inspired by 17th century Dutch floral paintings. In the paintings, collections of blooms were sought after for their beauty, rarity and symbolism. At the time, the Dutch were leaders in botanical and scientific illustration and these paintings demonstrated a blend of skill, science and allegory.

For these sculptures I am investigating history, materials and digital technologies. They include the traditional; handbuilding, moldmaking and drawing along side 3- dimensional scanning and 3d-printing. I am looking at how science and technology blend with the natural world to reveal beauty and poetic compositions.

I am also interested in how each process leaves its own visual mark and contrasts itself through form and material as well as the concept of reproduction. The translation from one object to another changes it and carries it’s process with it. Like the 17th century Dutch painter who painted from specimens at different times of the year and often again from sample paintings; the process of modeling a 3d form from a 2d painting, scanning, printing, firing and glazing all contribute to the collective of the new form.

Through the lenses of history and the natural world these still lives are collections that explore materiality, process and weave together the past with the new.