“Mapping Ancient Trees Project” 2nd site visit: Spanning the border between Sweden and Norway, atop a mountain plateau lies Old Tjikko. A Norway spruce and the world’s oldest living tree at 9,550 years. This is a clonal species and relies on an ancient root system that sends up short low-lying branches. Due to climate change and the warming of its environment it has developed a 16ft tall center tree that, while young in itself, springs from an ancient, deep center.


Kongeegan (The King’s Oak) located in the Nordskov Forest in Frederikssund, Denmark Kongeegen is said to be the oldest living oak in Europe with an estimated age of over 1500 years. This was the first site I visited for a current project, “Mapping Ancient Trees”.


July 2017 Residency at Guldagergaard International Ceramic Research Center


Auger Printhead for the ceramic 3d printer-screw top for easy cleaning!


From Denver’s 5280 Magazine, commenting on the Denver Art Museum’s exhibition, Overthrown Clay Without Limits www.5280.com


Making and installing the Oak tree for Mast Year. Denver Art Museum, Overthrown: Clay Without Limits


3-dimensional prints of Giraffa camelopardalis in varying scales.


3-dimensional data of Giraffa camelopardalis loaded into ZCorp software. Depending on the finished size, some of the skulls had to be cut into sections to fit into the build plate.


Transferring IUNC Red List of extinct and extinct in the wild mammals to the surface of Crocodylus moreletii.


Top: 3D printed parts of Crocodylus moreletii ready for assembly. Bottom: Test print of Crocodylus moreletii


Screenshots of molecular models and graphics from Flavornet.org (Flavornet and human odor space by Terry Acree & Heinrich Arn) The scent molecules shown are constituents of Honey and Jasmine.


Brochure for Kohler Arts and Industry program.


Above & Top Left: A wild hive "absconding". The bees gorge themselves on honey and set out on their own with a new queen. They form a solid mass to protect her and send out scouts to look for a new place to make a hive. Top Right: Apis mellifera


Exhibition of Cervidae at Carson Masuoka Gallery, Denver, Colorado.


In 2002 I spent two months as a resident artist at the Kohler Co. in their Arts and Industry program. While in residence I created a piece entitled Cervidae. On the bottom left is a slipcast mold of a deer just after being filled with clay slip. On the right is a slipcast tree prior to being fired. The trees were originally three sections but were shortened in the final piece.